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Lemongrass Scented Soaps

Lemongrass Scented Soaps

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Our Lemongrass Scented Soaps scent imparts a flavor of lemon with hints of ginger. It has the same essential oil as lemons, and it is often used in herbal teas to give a lemon flavor. Fresh lemongrass can have floral and minty notes as well. Lemongrass is a tropical herb of 3–6 feet in length; leaves and twigs of this grass have essential oil, which has insect-repellent activity. Leaves of this grass, dried and stored for making tea, help to cure many problems of stomach and anesthetic problems.

Ingredients: Lye, Distilled Water, Olive Oil, Castro Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Butter, and Shea Butter. All natural and essential oils and butter to refresh your skin.

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