Who We Are

Wildcat Soaps is a small business located in Daphne, Alabama, USA. Created with a passion to bring affordable, quality products into homes and businesses, Wildcat Soaps is committed to using only the best ingredients sourced through partnerships with vendors who are aligned with those same principles. Our products are unique due to the natural ingredients and oils used in our world-renowned products. As a very young child, Founder and CEO, Dr. Byrian Ramsey, watched reenactments of soap and candle making from the 1700s. From this love of watching soap and candle making, Dr. Ramsey has developed formulas for soaps and candles that enrich and comfort clients’ and customers’ lives.

Dr. Ramsey has more than 30 years of experience in business ownership, entrepreneurship, business leadership, scholarly research, and international business excellence. Wildcat Soaps is a RamNet Enterprises, LLC. company.