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Comfort Dough

Comfort Dough

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Introducing Comfort Dough - the ultimate stress-relief companion! Made with soothing aromatherapy ingredients, our dough provides a calming sensory experience for individuals seeking relaxation. Here's why Comfort Dough stands out:

Aromatherapy Benefits: Infused with calming scents, Comfort Dough helps ease tension and promotes relaxation, just like aromatherapy dough.

Stress Relief: Kneading Comfort Dough helps alleviate stress and anxiety, providing a therapeutic outlet for anyone in need of relaxation.

Occupational Therapy: Ideal for individuals with ADHD or Autism, Comfort Dough offers a sensory-rich experience that can help improve focus and concentration.

Sensory play, including activities like playing with playdough, has proven to be highly beneficial for individuals with autism and ADHD. Here's how:

Calming Effect: Playdough offers a calming and soothing experience, helping individuals regulate their emotions and reduce anxiety.

Sensory Stimulation: Manipulating playdough provides valuable sensory input, aiding in sensory processing and integration for those with sensory processing issues commonly associated with autism and ADHD.

Occupational Therapy: Engaging with playdough promotes fine motor skills development and hand-eye coordination, making it an excellent tool for occupational therapy interventions.

Acceptance and Routine: For autistic individuals, the repetitive nature of playing with playdough can offer a sense of control and predictability, contributing to a feeling of acceptance and comfort.

Social Interaction: Playdough activities can also facilitate social interaction and communication skills development, as individuals may engage in collaborative play or imitation of others.

Incorporating playdough into therapy or daily routines can provide numerous benefits for individuals with autism and ADHD, enhancing their overall well-being and quality of life.

Non-Toxic Formula: Our dough is safe for all ages, ensuring a worry-free sensory experience for everyone.

Experience the calming benefits of Comfort Dough today and reclaim your sense of tranquility!

Ingredients: Flour, Distilled Water, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Cream of Tartar, and Essential Oils.

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