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Adjustable 7 Chakra Bracelet w/ Lava Stones

Adjustable 7 Chakra Bracelet w/ Lava Stones

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Unisex 8mm 7 Chakra Adjustable Bracelet with Lava Rock

  • DIFFUSER BRACELET - You can drop your essential oils on the lava rocks, which will absorb the oil and become the aromatic carrier.
  • ENERGY BRACELET - You'll wear more than just a simple fashion bracelet. Natural volcanic bead enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality, and correct use of power.
  • CHAKRA STONES - These colorful beads correspond to your chakras: 
    • Crown - Spiritual connections, enlightenment.
    • Third Eye - The psychic, intuition, thought.
    • Throat - Communication, expression.
    • Heart - Spiritual connections, enlightenment
    • Solar Plexus - Life force, power, vitality.
    • Sacral - Creativity, sexuality.
    • Root - Earth, grounding, survival.

Keep your Chakras aligned everywhere you go with this fashionable, energy-centering bracelet!

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